Documite Corporation

Documite is a software company that provides products and services focusing on the XML technology. Services include both consulting and systems integration, primarily in XML publishing and document translation and conversion. Documite has direct experience in numerous industries, including airline, aerospace, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and publishing.

Mission Statement

Build lasting relationships between the company, our customers, and our employees so that everyone comes out a winner.

Why Documite?

Documite believes strongly in partnerships, whether with other solutions providers or with the customer. Partnerships only succeed when both sides are happy with the results. Too often, vendors see their customers (as well as partners) as dollar signs, trying to extract as much money as possible, instead of focusing on helping the customer solve their business challenges.

Documite believes in a different approach. Documite takes a personal interest in the customer's situation, and approaches the problem as a set of business goals for the customer, rather than a series of programming tasks for Documite. We provide innovative, efficient XML solutions provided by a team with years of practical, successful experience in numerous industries. By concentrating on the exact requirements, Documite focuses on providing the customer and its users with the tools necessary to perform their jobs and improve their efficiency.

In these challenging economic times, it may be of interest to you to know that Documite does not outsource. You will always know who is performing the work, and where the work is being done.